What Others Are Saying About "The Last Wedding"...

"This is a great read! Dave blends sound theology with his trademark humor. The result is a book that is enjoyable, informative, and thought-provoking. The Last Wedding is a book that everyone needs to read!" ~Don Hunter~

"Great job expanding your wedding homily, Dave! This book was a pleasure to read. It had all the joy of listening to a friend tell stories over coffee but with the depth of Biblical commentaries explained in a compelling way. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to reflect on the nature and meaning of marriage." ~Dave Dorst~

Great book! Once I started reading, I could not put it down. It's written in a very pleasant style and very thought provoking. Should be required reading for all couples getting married. Great for couples and a good resource to counseling couples (pastors will find it helpful in wedding preparation). I will be purchasing the book for couples in the future. ~Rev. Joe Tagliaferre~

Marriage--what a world of intrigue and mystery it can bring. Zuchelli has given us a wonderful view inside this mystery of Union. With a warmth and wit, Dave takes us through this divine institution that has over the years become misaligned and misconstrued. I recommend this book highly... ~Dennis O'Daniel~

"My wife thought the book was delightful. I thought it was awesome. A great message put forth in a very readable, understandable and enjoyable way. Hope to see more of the same in the future." ~Steve Zwald~

Two days before officiating his goddaughter’s wedding, Pastor Dave Zuchelli couldn’t sleep. A lifetime of thoughts disrupted all possibility of slumber as he lay there, planning what he would say to the much-loved couple during their ceremony. Eventually, the words came, and soon after, a sermon series—and this book—was born.

The Last Wedding is for everyone—married or not—who has ever contemplated the bigger meaning behind God’s holiest of unions. Why did God unite Adam and Eve in the first place? Why does He refer to believers as His bride?  With stories, humor, and gentle prodding, Zuchelli will take you on a journey from the most famous first marriage—the one that took place in the Garden—to paradise lost, to the unwavering truth of God’s offer of unrelenting hope to all those who answer His invitation.

Despite the regularity of human failure, God’s love for His people is steadfast and unfailing. Some might say, miraculous. As you read through the pages of this book, you will become intimately aware of an even bigger mystery: every time Jesus calls someone to Himself … a wedding takes place.

                             Julie Carobini
                             Beachcomber & Writer

"An honest and touching story from an outstanding teacher, pastor, and friend."

                             Joe Beimel

                            Veteran MLB Pitcher

"Written as though you were sitting in your living room talking with a friend--Pastor Dave's honesty, sincerity, and sense of humor shines through on every page."

                            Cynthia Feustel

                            Feustel Fine Arts

 “Great read! Dave does a remarkable job bringing the Scriptures into everyday life for anyone to understand.”
                            John Unitas, Jr.,

                           Businessman & Author  of                            Johnny U and Me

The Last Wedding

Dave Zuchelli

Available in Paperback and all E-Book formats.