The cover of The Last Wedding is a reproduction of the painting "Tranquility" by Cynthia Feustel.  Cynthia is a long time friend of the author and has graciously lent her talent and permission for the use of this exquisite work of fine art. 

Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, Cynthia's interest in painting and studying the figure began while attending art school as a fashion illustration major. Upon graduating she was employed as a graphic designer and subsequently, after ten years of working in that field, turned her attention to the fine art of painting.

Cynthia began working as a professional commissioned portrait artist in 2000.  Two years later she opened her own studio where she painted full time and taught classes and workshops year round.  In 2009, Cynthia and her husband moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado. The move kicked off a journey to define herself and her work.  The influences of her move out west can be seen in both her subject matter and style of painting. She states, “When we embrace all that life has for us that usually means change.  My passion for the west, its history and people, has changed my art because the west has changed me and has left an indelible mark on who I am and all that I do.”

The sensitive rendering of her subjects compels one to become involved in her paintings. By bestowing significance to seemingly ordinary moments, her work brings a connection to the emotions and life of the world around us.  With the creative freedom to go beyond literal accuracy and get to the soul of the piece, she paints with a mixture of realism and impressionism where light and color play an important role.

Cynthia's work has been exhibited across the U.S. in gallery, museum and invitational exhibitions. She is a member of the Oil Painter's of America, American Impressionist Society, American Women Artists and the Art Students League of Denver. Her work can be seen at the Grand Teton Gallery located in Jackson, WY.

You can see more of her work on her website at